Why Chiropractic / Success Stories

I sprained my lower back about 2 months ago. It was quite bad so I came in to see Global Wellness soon after that. I had been over exerting myself. It was worst the day before coming in to see the Chiro’s.

I had always suffered from back pain either in the lower area or around my shoulders. I just took pain meds and anti-inflammatories to cope. They helped sometimes but only in the short term and actually deteriorated my health in the long run. It affected my whole life and health, making me rather unhappy.

I was referred by Sandra de Abreu initially for my son and then after seeing huge success I decided to try for myself. I have had excellent results. My health has improved and my immunity is brilliant. My back pain is no longer there. Even headaches I had constantly had have disappeared. I am happier and healthier!

Dr Patrick and Dr Balbina are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They take a very keen interest in their patients and not only in what they may be treating, but also the patient’s entire wellness holistically. They are patient, considerate and very caring! They are experts in their fields and you can tell by the many happy people that walk out of their practice! The whole team is amazing – everyone cares about you personally and they take such time to give you as much support as they can!

Lucy (2014)


I came in for my son at 3yrs of age. We found out at 18 months that he has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Candida. He had also had a very lowered Immune System and was always ill. It had started from birth with his first set of vaccines and got worse with 4 sets of antibiotics that he had before the age of 12 months.  

We had changed his diet, given him therapies, increased his supplementation and probiotics. Also treating everything homoeopathically. He was doing much better, but still getting quite sick, still suffering from sensory issues and also his Candida was still present.  

It affected his whole life and health, making the whole family very unhappy. My son seemed to feel like he was trying to get out of his own skin!  

I was referred by Sandra de Abreu initially. I have had amazingly excellent results. Within 3-4 months his immunes system increased drastically, the candida was gone and in my son’s OT’s own words – he is no longer on the spectrum but still has a few sensory issues! UNBELIEVABLE!

London (2014)


I would strongly recommend people with spinal problems or even people who wish to achieve a higher degree of wellness to Global Wellness Chiropractic headed by Doctors Patrick Bell DC (USA) and Balbina Briles DC (USA).

When I went in for my first consultation, I was a 66 years old male weighing 140kg and could not stand up and walk across a room without severe back pain. One month of treatment I was down to 128.5kg and was able to join Virgin Active gym and go through five hard workouts without any pain whatsoever.

This was nothing short of a miracle!

The people who work with Dr. P and Dr. B (Jade and Najawa) I found them to be intelligent, conscientious and well trained in the performance of their very difficult jobs.

Warren (2014)