Wellbeing starts from the feet up

FootBalance 100% custom insoles are a great way to improve the health of your feet. They increase shock absorption and help prevent pain and discomfort which can occur from the misalignment of feet. Your shoes instantly become more comfortable, your feet less fatigued and you have added energy at work.

Over pronation, the most common foot misalignment issue, increases susceptibility to pain and injuries during walking and running. According to an independent research study FootBalance insoles aided in the reduction of this common condition. If you have flat feet FootBalance will support your arch and assist in building the necessary muscle strength.

FootBalance insoles are an investment for a healthy future.

Dr Fourie will carry out a personal foot analysis and custom mold insoles for you, the moulded insoles can be placed into your footwear and worn straight away. They can also be moved from shoe to shoe.




A great all-round model perfect for various sports and everyday use. Offers generalised support & strong flexibility, returning energy to the feet, especially when running. 

The heel cup and rebounding cushion provide shock absorption, comfort and can decrease ankle rotation as well as help to prevent injuries.