Why Chiropractic / Chiropractic for Sportsmen and Women

Sport and exercise science is advancing and new research is leading to improvement and performance enhancement in athletes without the need for performance-enhancing drugs. Athletes are improving in their abilities and times every year.


New research in the field of Chiropractic may add the edge for athletes needing the extra split-second advantage. And assist sports teams in achieving ultimate performance and preventing injury of their top players. Well known to USA athletes, grid iron football teams, All Blacks, English club teams and the Fiji sevens, are chiropractors. New chiropractic research has shown improved reaction times, strength, endurance and flexibility. This will lead to improved co-ordination, jumping, sprint ability and ball retention strength. This is due to the neurophysiological effect of improved joint mobility, which can be accomplished notably in the feet, knees, hips, spine, elbows and hands by effective chiropractic techniques.


It has also been noted that injuries are often not caused by muscle weakness or lack of fitness but due to neurological incoordination caused by a lack of joint functional integrity and muscle imbalance. This may lead to a compounding or domino effect in the bio-kinetic chain.


Together with the correct diet, exercise and positive emotions, a healthy spine and musculo-skeletal system will optimise the nervous system function and therefore your health.