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In our office we believe that our patients should be given as much information as possible about health and chiropractic in order to take control of their own health. Our caring and competent team will make sure you are comfortable and well informed throughout every step.

The goal of our chiropractors is to find the root cause of your health concern. We assess your current and past health issues as well as lifestyle factors. We then perform computerized assessments of your posture and nervous system in order to have a better understanding of how your body is functioning, even beyond the symptoms your may be feeling. If the doctor then determines that we can help, you will most likely be referred for an x-ray (this may vary depending on individual patient needs). This non-subjective assessment helps us make sure that you not only feel better but function better too.

The doctors at Global Wellness Chiropractic will then use all of this information to create a care plan that is based on your specific needs. Our in-office procedures are gentle, specific, and ahead of the curve. We provide you with all of this information at the Doctor’s report of findings visit. We will explain the steps required to reach your health goals. As you improve your care becomes less frequent and your progress is monitored by use of computerized scans, postural assessment and x-rays.

Whether you are sick and in pain, or simply what to maximize your health potential, Global Wellness chiropractic can help.

Day 1
At your first visit, you will have a consultation with one of the doctors about your condition and goals. The purpose of this visit is to determine if Global Wellness Chiropractic can help you. Our goal on this day is to determine the source of your problem. We will perform computerized spinal assessments. These scans show us potential nervous system (spinal cord and nerves) irritation. We will then perform a digital posture assessment. Based on the results of your exam, we may determine that x-rays of your spine are necessary.

Day 2
Now that you have your x-rays, we can determine the presence of subluxation. If subluxation is present, we will begin your care immediately. We will discuss your results with you and perform your first adjustment. After your visit, one of doctors will do a full analysis of your x-rays in order to measure the true extent of damage. From these measurements the Dr’s create a care plan which will give you the quickest and most permanent results.

Day 3
The Doctors Report – There is no financial charge for this visit. This is the most important visit you will have in our office. At this session the doctor will provide a vast amount of information about your health, subluxation, and chiropractic. During this visit, you will learn how to read your own x-rays and computerized spinal scans. The Drs will then go over your care plan.

Day 4
This is the beginning of your care plan as explained at the Doctor’s report. At this appointment we will show the exercises you will need to do prior to each adjustment as well as any exercises necessary for you to do at home. Following your exercises you will receive a chiropractic adjustment.

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